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Customizing the availability calendar when hours differ from day to day

Last Updated: Dec 15, 2018 05:02PM EST
You can set up your availability calendar to have different hours each day of the week. If you have already set up an availability calendar, you will need to clear the current availability calendar first to start off with a "clean slate."

Here is how to proceed:
  • First, display the calendar on screen by clicking the "My schedule" button at the left.
  • Next, click "Calendar settings" at the right of that screen.
  • Next, click "edit" in the section titled "availability calendar"
  • Now, to clear the existing availability, click the red "clear availability" button. Confirm your decision on the next screen. Clean slate!

Now you can begin reconstructing your customized availability schedule. Run through this sequence as often as you like in order to set up your schedule:
  • Click "add availability slots"
  • On the next screen, choose which day or days of the week you want to customize. If hours are different every day, just check one day at a time, for example.
  • Choose whether you want clients to be able to schedule within these hours online (usually, you would want to do this).
  • If you have several service locations that you travel between on different days of the week, choose the office where you deliver services on this day or days.
  • Choose the hours for that day or days
  • In most cases leave "session length" and "break length" as their defaults, unless you have 90 minute slots or 45 minute slots. Most therapists use hour long slots as the default slot length, which is why the "50 + 10" is the default there.
  • Click "Save" at the bottom. There will be a brief pause.
  • On the next screen, you can choose to repeat this cycle and configure another day of the week, or click "done" if you are finished.

Using this system, you can create an appointment schedule of any sort of complexity. Note also that you can create appointment slots that start on the half-hour by selecting a start time of, for example, 8:30. This will create all the slots to begin on the half hour, starting at 8:30 in this example.


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