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Creating custom fields for statistical reports

Last Updated: Aug 10, 2015 09:53AM EST
As a non-profit group, you may need to gather additional statistical data for grant requirements, such as race, income level, or service area, and create this report for a specific span of time. 

You will enter this information into the "Memo" section of the patient information. This may be found in the "frequently updated information" section of Patient Information.
There are three special fields available:

For the first field, the information is enclosed in curly brackets {}, e.g. {African-American}
For the second field, they inclose the information in regular brackets [], e.g. [45000.00]
For the third field, they inclose the information in angle brackets<>, e.g. <other info>
So, and example of what might be entered into the memo field would be:

Race is {African-American}
Income is [45000]
Comment is <This is a comment>
And this is some other stuff that might be contained in the memo field that won't be reportable
Note that you don't have to say:
Race is {African-American} could just say...
...and it would still work, but it will be more readable if you follow this format.
To retrieve the information, use the "Download data" function in Statistics:

Choose the bottom option, "Selected Appointment/Payment information" and specify a date range. A CSV file will be created that you can download and then use your own software, such as Excel,  to create reports. Each line will be information about a specific appointment, so if  "Johnny" came in 4 times in the date range specified, you will have information about all four of Johnny's appointments.. The special information will be in each row.


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