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Last Updated: Jun 16, 2015 10:39AM EST
As you probably know, ICD-9 becomes obsolete on October 1, 2015. On that same date, DSM5 codes change to match the ICD10 code for the same diagnosis.

In the long run, this is a good thing: the confusion that comes from having two separate diagnostic systems for mental health issues will end. In the short run, however, all patient records must be updated by October 1 to include the new ICD10 codes, and this will involve a bit of work for all of us.

At TherapyAppointment, we have had a database of the new codes in place for about a year now, waiting for this transition. Here is how it will work:

By September 1, 2015 you will notice a new blank in the Patient Information section, "ICD10 Diagnosis." It will exist alongside the current blank for the DSM5/ICD9 diagnosis: the two blanks will be on the screen together.

Some time prior to the October 1 deadline, you will need to enter the new diagnosis codes for all of your active patients in the new ICD10 blank. This will be a pretty straightforward process: for the vast majority of DSM5/ICD9 mental health codes, there is one and only one ICD10 code. In a few cases, you will need to pick from several codes for the new ICD10 diagnosis.

We'll have resources in place to assist you with this process. You can also simply look in the DSM5 manual: all of the ICD10 codes are printed there for each DSM5/ICD9 code.

After October 1, we'll start putting the ICD10 codes on new claims, and on new progress notes. If you refile or correct a claim for a date of service prior to the October 1 switchover date, we'll use the old coding system for those claims. If you've entered the new codes, you won't need to do anything special to make this happen: we'll take care of it from this end.

You may wonder why we can't just make the "translation" for you and assign the new codes automatically. Well...technically that would constitute assigning a diagnosis to a patient we have never seen, which legally is not such a good idea. So you will have to be involved in the process, but we will work to make it as painless a process as possible.

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