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[Legacy] End Of Day (Lock Patient Records)

Last Updated: Dec 07, 2018 09:24AM EST
Patient notes and charges may be entered throughout the day or at the end of your workday. However, a session will not be billed (and a claim will not be produced) until they are locked. You accomplish this by pressing the "End of Day" button on the left side of the main screen. It will prompt you to enter any notes that are unfinished, permit you to review billing information, and ask you to "Lock Records." After records are locked, you are given the option to file any insurance claims that are ready for submission.

This is an important step, so the system helps you to remember to do it. Once per week the system scans your records to ensure that you have charted on all of your patients and locked the records for each day. If you try to log off without locking records for that day, the computer will remind you that you have not done so.

If you don't have time to lock records for a day's work, you can do so later by displaying that day's schedule and pressing the "End of Day" button while the appropriate day is displayed‚Äč.

There is a color code system that alerts you to the status of patient notes. An appointment slot that is green is either available or has been charted on completely. A yellow slot indicates that a CPT code has been selected, and payment information has been entered, but that the notes have not yet been completed. A blue slot needs everything. A grey slot has already been locked (or is in the past, if the slot was empty). So, green and grey are the colors to aspire to!

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