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How to Clear Your Customized Messages on Patient Statements

Last Updated: Jun 12, 2015 11:58AM EST

To clear a message that you customized to go out on all client statements: 

Go to the blue 'statements' button and click on the 'clear message' button at the bottom of the screen that pops up. The messages will not change, however, until we trick the system into sending a batch of claims. So do the following:

  1. Select 'all paper statements' as the kind of statements to be produced.

  2. Click on the Continue Button

  3. On the next screen click the 'print statements button'

  4. On the next screen click on create Printout

  5. Now close the page by clicking the 'x' on the tab on the browser.

​Now the statement will be back to the 'usual' message. If you go to an individual client's info page and click 'statement' the message will now be gone, and our 'canned' message will be in its place. 

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