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Price Structure and Rates

Last Updated: Sep 23, 2014 02:07PM EST

Individual Practitioner Rates:

Cost is based on schedule usage:

$57.50*/mo Practitioner Schedules more than 40 sessions per month
$30.00*/mo. Getting Started Rate: Practitioner schedules 40 or fewer sessions per month. Account is audited monthly and automatically upgraded and billed at the $57.50 rate when the 40 session/month limit is reached.
*There is a one-time $39.00 signup fee which covers online training and support.

​Group Practice Discounts

Cost is based on schedule usage and the number of practitioners in a group. A Group is defined as clinicians sharing the same secondary password in order to access their account. The group may be a traditional group practice where billing takes place under a group NPI with their own NPI listed as rendering provider, or may be a non-traditional group comprised of independent practitioners each billing under their own NPI number. Administrative and Clinical Supervisor accounts are free!

$57.50 /mo One Clinician schedules 40 or more sessions per month
$52.50/mo per clinician Two Clinicians schedule 40 or more sessions each per month
$47.50/mo per clinician Three Clinicians schedule 40 or more sessions each per month
$42.50/mo per clinician Four Clinicians schedule 40 or more sessions each per month
$40.00/mo per clinician Five or more Clinicians schedule 40 or more sessions each per month

In addition, you may add low-usage Clinicians to the group at the following prices.

$30.00/mo Per Clinicians scheduling 10-39 sessions per month^
$10.00/mo Per Clinicians scheduling 1-9 sessions per month**

There is a one-time $39.00 signup fee that covers the online training and support. Groups where there is one credit card paying the bill for the entire group will pay this fee only once.

^The addition of ‘low usage’ practitioners does not qualify others in the group for any additional multi-practitioner discount.  Accounts are  audited monthly to determine if the practitioner has exceeded the 40 session limit. If that limit has been reached, the account will be upgraded to the full-time clinician rate and everyone in the group will then receive the appropriate discount.

**Pricing for the extremely low usage practitioner is available only to groups, and only when there is at least one high-usage practitioner in the group.

Additional Fees Disclaimer: If more than 50% of an independent clinician’s or a traditional group’s electronic claims in one month are billed to government programs, there is an additional $20 billing fee for the month in which that occurs. This fee is invoiced by and paid directly to Office Ally, our clearinghouse partner.

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