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Log-in Problems: Password Known

Last Updated: Jan 19, 2015 02:55PM EST

If you are having difficulty logging in, and you know both your primary and your secondary passwords, follow these steps:

1. If you are not using FireFox as your browser to access, this is a great time to make the move! Visit to get the free download. You don't have to use FireFox for everything--just make sure you use it when accessing (It is a great browser for everyday use, though.) 

If you are downloading it for the first time, you can skip the rest of these steps. It should work for you "straight out of the box."

If you are having trouble with FireFox, follow the steps below:

2. WINDOWS COMPUTER (using a PC, not a Mac): Hold down the "alt" key, and while it is held down, first press "T" and then "O". Release the "alt" key now.

 MAC COMPUTER: click "Tools" and then "Options" at the top of your screen.

3. You should be looking at a pop-up window now that is labeled "Options." Click the tab labeled "Privacy."

4. Under "History" select "FireFox will...Remember history"

5. Click the link labeled "remove individual cookies." A new window labeled "Cookies" should appear.

6. Scroll down the list until you locate a folder labeled "" Single-click on this folder (NOT a double-click--you are just trying to make the folder turn blue, not trying to open it.) If you can't find a folder called "" don't worry--just skip step 7 below.

7. Click the button at the bottom labeled "Remove cookies" (NOT the one labeled "Remove all cookies")

8. Click the button labeled "Close" in the Cookies window.

9. Click the link labeled "clear your recent history", A new window will open.

10. Select "everything" for the time frame, and check only the "cache" checkbox. Click "Clear now" at the bottom. There is likely to be a pause.

11 Click the button labeled "OK" in the Options window.

12. You should be good to go! Try logging in now. 

If you still can't log in, this indicates that the problems are with your password(s), not with Firefox. 
To reset your password, call us at 1-800-242-2127; option 4.

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