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[Legacy] Changing Incorrectly Entered CPT code on the Posting Screen or Deleting Transactions

Last Updated: Feb 15, 2019 10:27AM EST
Find the patient and click on 'posting'. When their information come up, find the line with the error. In the dropdown box under 'CPT or Activity', you can choose the appropriate CPT code for the service then select 'post'.

If you would like to delete a line item, you must first identify the transaction type as being initiated from the charges/chart button on the provider's daily schedule OR initiated from the 'posting' screen. 

Deleting Transactions initiated on the Posting Screen:

If the transaction was initiated from the patient's posting screen 'New Charge/Credit (not the 'charges' or 'chart' button on the daily schedule) the line item can be deleted by clicking on the CPT code and choosing 'delete' from the drop down menu. How do you know if the item was initiated from the posting screen? It will say one of the following: 

Patient Payment
Write Off
Balance Forward
Late Fee

 This will delete the transaction and you can go to the bottom of the posting screen and click 'New Charge/Credit to re-enter it again with the correct information. If there is no delete option in this case, then you have distributed other dates of service to this line item, which need to be removed first. First, look at the line item and identify if there is any dollar amount listed under the 'Dist. Adjust' column on the posting scree. If there is, then do the following:  look in the lower right hand corner of the posting screen and click 'Clear Distributed Adjustments'. Now follow the process listed at the beginning of this article. 

Deleting Transactions initiated from the Charges/Chart screen on the daily schedule: 

Transactions initiated on the charges/chart screen will typically list cpt codes such as 90834, 90837, Lt Cancel, etc...anything that is listed on your CPT code library. It you need to delete the line item you can only do so if the note is not locked for the day or no note has been written for the date of service i.e. the line item is showing 'yellow'  or 'green' on the daily schedule - not grey. Deleting this can be complicated, so here's how to do so: 

1. If there is a a credit card transaction processed via TSYS (formerly Cayan), it needs to be refunded to the patient. Go to the Patient Posting Screen, click the 'Date' button on the line item, and click 'Refund Transaction'. 
2. Delete any note that may be written for the day. The clinician must click 'chart' and click the 'Erase this chart note and start over' button at the top of the charting screen. 
3. On the chart/charges screen choose ' NoChg' in the CPT code list and remove any add on or PQRS codes that may have been selected. 
4. On the chart/charges screen change the fee to 0.00 and the patient payment to 0.00 and choose 'cash'
5. No go to the daily schedule and click 'cancel' to remove the patient from the scheduled time. 

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