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Auto-Posting Insurance Payments - Set Up

Last Updated: Sep 15, 2016 03:25PM EST
Many insurance companies offer an electronic version of the Explanation of Benefits called an ERA ("Electronic Remittance Advisory"). If your insurance company provides these types of files, they can be pointed to come into your Office Ally clearinghouse account, where they will automatically post for any sessions which were billed out of TherapyAppointment electronically. Here’s the procedure:
  1. Go to and click on ‘Resource Center’ the Payer Lists’. Search for your insurance company by using a key word or inputting the payer ID number into the search fields. When the insurance company info is displayed, look at the column headed with ERA. If there is a Y in that box, your insurance company can forward files to us.

  2. Click on Resource Center again and then click on Payer Enrollment forms. Find the link labeled Electronic Remittance / ERA / 835 Enrollment Forms Scroll down the list and locate your insurance company name and click on it. Either a PDF form or Instructions will pop up. Print the form, read it and carefully follow the directions to fill out the form and submit as requested. Much of the information will be pre-filled in for you that requires Office Ally’s information if you are viewing the pdf file through Adobe Acrobat. Many of the forms will allow you to sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer at the same time as you are setting up the ERA file. Setting up for EFT is optional. Setting up for ERA will not change how you currently receive your money from the insurance companies – that will still occur as normal. It will, however, stop you from getting paper EOB’s in the mail. Many other insurance companies will port their ERA's through Office Ally, but simply don't require you to fill out a form to accomplish this. Contact Office Ally customer service if you have any questions about transitioning to ERA's: their phone number is (866)575-4120, Option 1

  3. The typical wait time for insurance companies to make the change for you is up to 30-days. Resubmit the forms if you have not had any correspondence from the insurance company within 2 weeks of submission. Office Ally's information form for each company has a contact phone number or email in case you want to inquire with the insurance company if the ERA file set up has been complete. 

  4. When we receive your ERA’s electronically, we will notify you via the messages screen that your ERA has been received. If there are any problem claims noted in that ERA, we will notify you by making the message an ‘urgent’ message and flagging any transactions that require your attention.

  5. These ERA’s are also located by clicking on your ‘Clearinghouse Button’. For Every ERA you receive, you will have two ERA’s on this list. One with the report of how the transactions posted, the other a ‘raw’ ERA – which will inform you of the date to expect the direct deposit from insurance. If you are not set up for Electronic Funds Transfers, the date will refer to the date the check is to be mailed by your insurance company. The check number is also noted.

  6. After correcting any postings that might have a problem, feel free to delete the interpreted ERA.

  7. We recommend that you wait to delete the RAW ERA until you have verified that the funds have been received/deposited into your bank account.

  8. A copy of each portion of the ERA specific to each client will always be available by going to the client’s info page, clicking on ‘posting’, identifying the date of service and clicking on the button that says ‘edit’. A screen will appear which includes all electronic messages from Office Ally in regards to this claim, as well as the portion of the ERA that posted.

‚ÄčNote – you will receive these messages from Office Ally into the email account Office Ally has on file for you.  Feel free to disregard those messages if you wish – any messages that indicate there was any problem at all will be flagged and waiting in your messages button tomorrow, and will also be available by clicking on your Clearinghouse button.

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