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Adding an Intern to Your Practice

Last Updated: Dec 10, 2018 11:25AM EST

We have simplified the setup of intern accounts recently. Here are the steps to take:

1. Log in to Intern account and click "More..." then "Preferences".

2. Fill in EXACTLY the information that it asks for, without second-guessing what you think should go there. In other words, just answer the questions. If a question doesn't apply (e.g. it asks for the Intern's NPI, and the intern doesn't have one) just leave it blank--don't put in your own, or anything else. If you have a group EIN and a group NPI, please put those into the blanks asking for group information...but not anywhere else.

3. There are a series of yes/no questions near the bottom of that page. Notice that one of them deals with letting a supervisor view or edit clinical notes. This permission must be given here if you want to have access to the clinical information on your intern's patients.

4. When you fill out insurance information for the intern account, by clicking the blue Insurance button, notice that there is a selector at the bottom asking if "Intern" claims should be created for this particular insurance company. Select your own name from the list. Note that a warning appears: please read this carefully.

5. In order to view the clinical information in your Intern's account, you will need to be logged in to a Supervisor account. If you don't have a supervisor account, you will need to set one up. To do so, log in to your own account, view your own Preferences page, and look for the instructions near the top of that page.

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