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[Legacy] PsychSelect, Office Ally, TSYS (Formerly Cayan)

Last Updated: Feb 15, 2019 10:25AM EST

We are Psych Select Software, LLC; we provide the practice management software system known as TherapyAppointment.

TSYS is a credit card processing company with no legal affiliation with us: we have a "business alliance."

Office Ally is a claims clearinghouse, again with no legal affiliation with us: another "business alliance."

TherapyAppointment does provide data linking service to both of these companies should our customers choose to use their services. However, it is not necessary that you do so. The software will function without them, though certain tasks will be much harder to perform.

If you want to establish an account with either TSYS (for credit card processing) or Office Ally (for claims processing), you will need to contact them to establish those accounts (see below). Once you have done this, it will be possible to set up the data links I referred to earlier.

With the data link established with Office Ally, you will be able to generate electronic claims automatically whenever you chart on a patient with insurance. Without that link, you will have to print out paper claims and mail them.

With the data link established with TSYS, you will be able to use the TherapyAppointment software as a "point of sale terminal" and transactions will be entered into the patient accounting system automatically. Without that link, you will have to run credit card transactions on a "stand alone" credit card machine and enter the results of those transactions into the accounting system yourself.

Office Ally does charge for services  (i.e. if your practice is mostly Medicare/Medicaid, non participating insurance or if you request that they handle printing of paper claims). These fees are, in our opinion, quite low, and well worth the money.

TSYS charges for credit card processing. We chose them for the business alliance because they have very good rates compared to other companies. You will need to speak with them directly to negotiate what those rates would be.

Your subscription to TherapyAppointment will be charged on a monthly basis to the credit card you used when you first signed up for service.

To set up an account with Office Ally, fill in the form that was emailed to you and fax it to Office Ally. They will bill you separately if there are any charges.

To set up an account with TSYS visit:
They will take any fees out of the bank account where credit card transactions are deposited.

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