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[Legacy] Couples in Treatment

Last Updated: Dec 07, 2018 09:30AM EST

Because is capable of billing insurance companies, and since insurance companies always want couples to be represented on claims as an individual, the way most clinicians deal with this is to put in one member of the couple as the "identified patient" and conduct the therapy under their name. I know that this can present a message that we don't want to deliver (e.g. that one member is sick and the other is well) so I am careful to explain to them that this is for billing purposes only, that the reality is that the relationship is the "patient" here. On occasion, I have actually flipped a coin in their presence to determine whose insurance would be used. But most couples simply suggest something like "well, you are the employee, lets put it under your name" or "you are the employee, so let's put it under MY name so that it won't look bad on your record." My experience has been that they usually are less concerned about this issue than I am. I put the contact information on the other individual in the "memo" section of the patient information.

If insurance is NOT going to be involved, you can enter the "first name" as "John and Mary" in the system; no problems will result from doing this. If the couple is not married, the first name can be "John and Mary" and the last name can be "Smith and Jones." Avoid using the ampersand symbol, which can cause problems in the appointment reminder system.

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