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Transitioning to TherapyAppointment

Last Updated: Jan 18, 2015 03:31PM EST

Here are our recommendations for transitioning to our system:

  1. Ask your current patients to register online as if they were new patients by visiting and clicking on the "Set Appointment" link. That way, they will do most of the typing ("many hands make light the work") and the information will be up to date. They will also gain comfort with using the system, and will able to choose passwords for themselves.

  2. After a week or so, you'll know which of your current patients are going to resist doing this. Enter their information yourself from the records at hand (click on "New Patient" in Don't bother entering everyone: just enter the information as they come in for appointments. That way, you can spread out the work over a longer period instead of exhausting yourself.

  3. Establish a formal date of transition to the new system. Most people choose the first of a month for this date. Run whatever reports are appropriate on your old accounting system to find the "bottom line" amount owed (or due) each patient at the close of that business day.

  4. Enter this amount in as a "balance forward". (You do this from the Posting screen for each client: Bring up the client info screen: Click 'POSTING' . Look at the bottom of the screen for the green line that says 'new charge / credit' and select 'balance forward' in the dropdown menu. Enter in the amount owed to you as a 'charge' or an amount you owe the client as a 'debit' then click 'post')
  5. From the transition date forward, enter any new therapy charges and any new patient payments into Post any insurance checks received FOR DATES OF SERVICE PRIOR TO THE TRANSITION DATE into your old system. Post payments for sessions AFTER the transition date into

  7. About twice a month, update the "balance forward" figure you have entered into TherapyAppointment to equal the new "bottom line" figure from the old system. In other words, adjust the original "balance forward" amount within the Posting screen to reflect what is CURRENTLY due in the old accounting system, adjusting for any insurance checks that may have come in. You must certainly do this prior to generating statements.

  8. Start keeping patient charts online, but refer to your old charts for a few weeks to refresh your memory before sessions. After a month or so, you can begin to rely exclusively on the online chart.

  9. For one or two months after the transition date, you may need to send TWO statements to patients, one generated by the old system and one by Enclosing a letter of explanation with these statements will help with any confusion.

  10. Once you realize how much easier it is to have all of your records, billing, appointment reminders, and credit card processing in one place, and to have a practically paperless practice, smack yourself in the forehead for not doing this sooner (Just kidding about that last part!

Please let us know if we may assist you in any way during the transition.

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