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[Legacy] Adding Various Kinds of Notes to a Patient Chart

Last Updated: Dec 03, 2018 09:09AM EST

There are several places within the system that you may store notes about a particular patient, in addition to the obvious place of charting clinical notes on a therapy session:

  1. You can click the "QuickNote" button displayed beside patient information to put a clinical note into the chart, e.g. notes of a phone conversation, that are not associated with a therapy or assessment session.

  2. You can put notes of a more administrative nature in the Memo section of patient information; they will display within the patient information screen. "Marital therapy is not covered by her insurance" might be a note you would put here.

  3. You can enter Next Session Alerts to put the red "A" next to the patient's name on the schedule. Hovering over the "A" with your mouse will cause the note to display on screen. You enter this type of note at the top of the "edit patient information" screen that appears when you click the "Edit Info" button. That note will also appear in the patient information screen. "Get copy of new insurance card" or "Return her umbrella" might be examples of notes you would put there.

  4. You can enter a note about a release of records in the "PHI Release Log" by clicking the "PHI Release" button that appears next to the patient information.

  5. You can enter notes about a particular insurance claim by clicking the "New" or "Edit" button for that date of service on the Posting screen. "BCBS says the check is on the way, they are no longer disputing this claim" might be an example of a note that you would put there.

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