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[Legacy] Resubmitting Claims

Last Updated: Dec 07, 2018 09:26AM EST

There are two ways to correct and resubmit a claim through Office Ally:

Method One

Log in to the Office Ally website using the user name and password they sent you when you first applied for an account. Look for the menu item on the left, fourth from the top, titled "Claim fix". Hover over that to get to "Repairable claims". Click and look for a pink spot on the calendar that indicates the presence of a claim that needs repair. Click the calendar to find the claim, click "Correct" on the line of the claim in question, and put in the corrected information. Click "Update" at the bottom, and the claim is corrected.

If using this method, make sure you then go back into and correct the information there, as well. If it was an incorrect date of birth, for example, after you correct this on the Office Ally site, go back and correct it on the site, as well, so that all future claims will be submitted correctly.

The ADVANTAGES of Method One:


  • It is the ONLY way to correct Medicaid claims, which need a special resubmission number
  • You can see EXACTLY what was sent to the insurance company--no possibility for errors in translation
  • Your claim will be sent on its way a bit faster--perhaps as much as a day earlier.

The DISADVANTAGES of Method One:

  • You have to correct the information twice, once on each site
  • You have to remember your Office Ally password each time (and I am constantly forgetting mine!)
  • Our system will not recognize the claim as eligible for auto-posting and will flag the payment as needing your attention in order for you to post it by hand


Method Two

Make the correction in (e.g. correct the typo in the birth date). Then, click the Posting button by the patient's information. Locate the date of service that needs to be resubmitted. Click the "B" button on that line to put that claim in the next Batch to go out.

Before you do that, you must make sure that the Duplicate Claim Filter is turned off on the Office Ally site, or Office Ally will reject the claim. (You only have to do this one time; it will stay off forever.) Log in as noted above, and look for the menu item on the left, second from the bottom, labeled "Admin Section". Hover over that to get to "Duplicate Filter Setting". Turn it off Forever.

The ADVANTAGE of Method Two 


  • It is faster, because you don't have to leave the software to do it (except for turning off the filter that one time)

The DISADVANTAGES of Method Two:

  • It can't be used for Medicaid corrections
  • There is no opportunity for a visual inspection of the bad claim--sometimes a puzzle is solved easily by seeing what actually appears on the bad claim

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