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[Legacy] Logged Out in the Middle of Charting, Lost Work

Last Updated: Dec 07, 2018 09:44AM EST
There are four different reasons that you might be "kicked off" in the middle of charting and have to log in again:
  1. If you pause on the charting page for more than 90 minutes before clicking the button at the bottom

  2. Another individual logs in USING THE EXACT SAME USER NAME AND PASSWORD (i.e. tries to log in to the same account at the same time)

  3. You are using a tablet computer or laptop that "powers down" because of a period of inactivity--the screen goes blank

  4. You press the "backspace" button while your cursor is not positioned within a text entry box

The solution for #1 and #3 is: if you are going to pause in the middle of charting, go ahead and save the chart note, even though you aren't finished. You can return later to finish the note, simply by clicking the "chart" button on the daily schedule as you did the first time.

The solution for #2 is: get another account. You can get an Admin account for free by clicking "More..." then "Preferences" and using the link near the top of the page. If two therapists are sharing the same account...well, that is against our fee structure policies, so we would request that you pay for a second account. There is a discount if the therapist is not scheduling many appointments.

The solution for #4 is: click the right-pointing arrow at the top of your browser screen. To explain: all browsers will interpret the backspace key as a request to go back to the previous screen page, unless you are in the middle of typing. Since you just asked to go back a page, if you now ask to go FORWARD a page, you will return to the charting screen that you just left.

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